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 A sample of what people are saying about working with Vanessa...

Rachel Cole of NYC:
Vanessa did a reading for me shortly after I experienced a miscarriage. Without knowing my situation, she narrated a future where my creative energies would be funneled into and be fueled by babies. It really tripped me out. A year later I have a four-month-old baby boy!

It was a very strange experience, Vanessa!

I honestly don’t know what to make of the experience but it makes me feel good thinking that my past, present and future is connected to something larger.

Aly M. of Madison, Wisconsin:
Every reading with Vanessa Albury is packed with messages that help me take my health and healing to the next level. Vanessa channeled specific ideas related to my work and health that I've had in my day-to-day life, but never pursued. They're too specific to be coincidence! In hearing these ideas echoed and affirmed during our session, I'm learning to listen to my intuition more in everyday life.

As a medical medium, she identified the root energetic cause of my chronic condition (it was surprising to hear, but resonated), and outlined specific physical and energetic strategies to help me heal. For example, she channeled that I need to implement an Abhyanga massage technique "from my knees down to my toes" at night before bed. She could have never known that I've woken up with pain from my knees to my toes every morning for the past 2 years. Despite having walked more than double my usual amount every day since my reading last week, my leg pain has only decreased (this is a huge accomplishment worth mentioning!)

Thank you, Vanessa

Sky S. of Brooklyn, NY:
Vanessa is a beautiful bright soul and a wonderful guide. I received a reading from her on my 30th birthday and it provided affirmation and reinforcement on a specific idea that had been circulating in my head. I also felt an energy of my grandparents who have passed through the words that she shared, which was unexpected and also very special. Overall an experience that felt supportive and useful in focusing my energy and actions.

LPrerna B. of NJ:
Yesterday I met an old colleague as she was interested in featuring me for her blog and long story short - she is really good at personal branding. {Vanessa} helped me put everything that was swirling around in my head onto paper and we clarified how everything sat together in my personal brand on a mind map. It was amazing!!! This was pure coincidence that I met her and that she decided to write everything down. Your records were right in telling me that this would help!

Thank you!

Donna Cleary, Owner and Herbalist at Spiral Herbal Remedies:
Vanessa has spent years becoming informed and tuning into her unique gifts that involve being able to read people energetically and offer advice. I invited her to teach a segment of my Herbalism Class wherein she discussed how to safely navigate energetic fields, creating boundaries and clearing energy. I highly recommend her work.

Ally H. of NYC:
 Doing an energy management session with Vanessa has been truly life changing. Since doing the grounding meditation every day the shift in my energy has been palpable. As well as getting rid of letters and items from ex's and clearing my space has truly helped me let go of my past and open up the space physically and energetically."

Himani Jane of India, Sales Queen for Group Coaching Program
“I am pleasantly surprised and very grateful for feeling called to connect with Vanessa in a speaking event.

...and then working with her to help me claim what's already out there, pull that thing, that magic into my reality and my experience.

She is very friendly, extremely knowledgeable and is fun to work with!”

Liza Berdnik:
I just had your meditation going. It totally relaxed my cat!  She's out! So funny. She never relaxes at this hour.

Katie E of Brooklyn, NY:
I responded to Vanessa's post on an open Facebook group offering Akashic Readings. I've never met her (in person or otherwise) so wasn't sure what to expect. When she came back with my reading, I was floored. The two main topics she channeled were two very central themes in my life at this moment- specifically my new apartment I had recently moved into and growing our family. Both are very top of mind for me, so when both of these topics came up very explicitly in my reading I was stunned. Some details were so specific I am still a bit speechless. I would highly recommend giving her a try!

Josezetta A of Upper Marlboro, Maryland:
Many, many thanks to Vanessa – her gift of reading Akashic Records has changed my life forever. I have been curious about the Akashic Records for quite some time, so when I found Vanessa – I had so many questions to ask my Guides. Vanessa patiently worked with me to narrow my questions down to ensure that I would get responses to what I was really seeking to know more about. I was tickled by the humor that came through via Vanessa’s animated relaying of the messages. All my questions were answered, and at times, my Guides allowed me to ask a follow-up question, which was really helpful. I later told Vanessa that some of the responses that I received were equivalent to the “exploding brain” emoji – it was such an INCREDIBLE experience!

The reading really confirmed for me that we must listen to our intuition and pay attention to the signs and synchronicities we see---bout 70% of what came through in my reading were things that I intuitively already knew, but because they seemed like accomplishments that were far greater than I could ever imagine actually accomplishing, I denied them. But my reading confirmed that I am here in this world to accomplish great things – and so are YOU! Ground yourself, align with your intuition, and accept the messages coming through.

Best wishes to all of you as you take the wheel in your spiritual journey!!

Thanks again, Vanessa – you are Amazing!

Stephanie N. of Montreal, Canada:
I'm so happy to be able to support you in this way, I want you to get all the visibility possible! You're truly amazing.

Vanessa's Akashic Records Reading was so spot on. I was at a crossroads and needed a confidence boost to feel supported. Vanessa did not know what I was going through but her reading was so accurate. The resonance from her spiritual downloads was so affirming! The guidance, support I received exceeded my expectations. Vanessa has a direct line to the universe and her readings are so clear, powerful and imbued with love and kindness. I highly recommend working with her beautiful gift. I will keep coming back whenever I need spiritual guidance.